Frequently Asked Questions

FallCon 36 will be held August 25 - 27, 2023 at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.

The Convention will be located in Halls EX. For more detailed information, visit the Convention Centre website.

You can play board games! Check out one of 1,200+ games from the shelves of the FallCon Game Library to play at an Open Gaming table or sign up for a Hosted Game. Playtest an unpublished game at Prototype Alley. Stop by and chat with the Exhibitors. Join the bidding during Saturday evening's perennial favourite event - the Live Auction.

A hosted game is a scheduled opportunity to play and/or learn a specific game for free. The person facilitating your hosted game may be one of the following:

  • FallCon Game Host: A FallCon 36 Volunteer trained in our FallCon Teaching Method in order to teach and moderate multiple tables of a specific scheduled board game.
  • Guest Host: A host who has specialized experience in particular games, such as RPGs, wargames, miniatures, and FallCon Classics.
  • Community Host: An attendee hosting a single copy of a game.

We would love to have you join our ConCrew. Volunteer applications will open in April 2023.

No, we do not have childcare services.

Yes! Please come with your stroller. There is an elevator.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in the gaming area. Please protect the games, notify staff of any spills and dispose of garbage promptly. Neither alcohol, cannabis nor any illicit substance is permitted.

We are continuing to add titles to the library through donations from gamers like you! To offer games or to make a donation to the library, contact

In person meetups resume in June and online meetups continue! RSVP for upcoming events on our FallCon Meetup page.

In person: In order to encourage gaming for all, in person meetups will feature events with mandatory masks and events when masks are optional. Masks and sanitizers will be available. Please check which conditions apply for each event.

Online: Online meetups typically start in Discord to divide into virtual tables (channels) to chat while playing online in (BGA). Both sites are free, but you will need to create a BGA account to play, and allow a few minutes to review our Discord server terms and conditions before your first gaming session.

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In order for them to sign up for events independently, you must "give" the badge to them. They require a Tabletop.Events account in order to manage their own badge. Send a friend request to someone else who has created an account with Tabletop.Events. They accept the friend request. The "Give to a Friend" action gives them the badge and the ability to choose their own events.