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Thank You!

Thank you so much for a fantastic day of gaming yesterday! While not the same as being together in person, it still felt like a celebration. Whether you played one session or several and met a few new folks or reconnected with gamers you already knew, we're so glad you joined in. Maybe you also added some games from the Auction or a convention T-shirt from the pre-order to your collection that will help you remember FallCon34 during the year. And if you bought a badge but couldn't make it to the table, thanks to you as well. We know you were probably thinking of us, wherever you are...

Congratulations to all our prize draw winners & thanks again to our sponsors Roxley Games, Meeples Crossing, The Sentry Box and Hexagon Cafe. Please visit them on the web or in person! If you enjoyed Saturday, you might also enjoy our regular meetups.

And finally, thanks to all our volunteers who coordinated activities in Discord and BGA, and the organizing committee and Directors who planned and executed everything behind the scenes! Thanks for your enthusiasm and hard work - I can't wait to thank you in person.

Please take a moment and fill out our survey to tell us about your experience yesterday.

We are delighted to have shared FallCon34 with you! Please know that we are watching developments carefully, and looking ahead to when we can get together in person again.

Until then, stay safe & game on!

Colleen MacNaughton
President, FallCon Gaming Society

Colleen MacNaughton

About FallCon

FallCon is ordinarily an annual three day Board Game and Miniature Convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are pivoting to an online format for September 2021. FallCon is a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers, united in their passion for tabletop gaming & miniatures.

We invite you to join us in September 2022 for a return to an in-person convention. Each year we welcome hundreds of attendees to an event featuring a library of over 1000 games, a roster of more than 100 scheduled games, events, panels & tournaments, a live auction of 300 games and a flea market with more than 20 tables.

FallCon is a weekend of learning games and playing favourites alongside family, friends and fellow enthusiasts. New gamers are welcome! Our FallCon Game Hosts are on hand to help select and teach games from our library, and also to host and teach games from scheduled signups. We also help match players with tables seeking more players. Take home favorites purchased from our vendors, the live auction or the flea market. You’ll also find our volunteers teaching games throughout the year at scheduled meetups and other local conventions.

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