CGDA 2019

2019 Prizes

  • $200 Cash Prize from the FallCon Gaming Society
  • Use of the CGDA Winner Logo
  • Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, wooden CGDA Winner Plaque


  • February 28, 2019: Publishing of Competition Rules and Forms
  • May 31, 2019: Deadline for Submissions
    • Submissions include 3 main components: response to an online form, a complete ruleset and a Designer Perspective Video (details below).
    • Each contest entry, is subject to a $25 administrative fee which can be sent via our Paypal account ( Once the entry fee is submitted, an online submission form will be completed via the following link (you will need to enter your Paypal Transaction ID) and a digital copy of the rule set will be sent via email to Only the first 50 contest entries will be accepted, based on the Paypal Transaction timestamp.
  • First week of July 2019: Finalists Announcement
    • Up to 6 Finalists (there may be less depending on the number and quality of submissions) will be alerted by email during the first week of July 2019. The selected designers have 1 month to send us 1 boxed prototype of their design along with a $25 for administration and return of the prototype. If eligible prototypes are not received by August 1, 2019, the entry will be disqualified.
  • August-September 2019: Jury Evaluation
  • September 28th, 2019: Winner Announcement
    • Winner will be declared live at FallCon 32 in the Orpheus Theatre immediately before the start of the Auction.

CGDA 2019 submissions are now closed!

2019 Finalists

Our judges have gone through all of this year's video submissions and have narrowed the field down to 4 finalists. All of these games will be available for you to try out at FallCon 32 in Prototype Alley, so be sure to check the schedule and grab your tickets to give them a try! The 4 finalists are:

  • King of Indecision
  • On Pointe
  • The Poisoners' Guild
  • The Transcontinental

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