Prototype Alley

FallCon has been an advocate of game designers since the very beginning, that’s why we partnered with the Canadian Game Designer Award (CGDA) to open our Prototype Alley. We offer up a safe space at our convention for designers to present their ideas and to create an event listing for attendees to sign up to play their game.

For designers, this is the opportunity to show off your many hours (and in some cases) years of blood, sweat and tears that you have put into your design. You’ll get some exposure for your game and get your design in front of new playtesters, including other designers. Playtesters will put your game through the paces and provide feedback, allowing you to collaborate with the other designers, and explore the full potential of your ideas.

For attendees, you get the opportunity to play someone's budding game design; offer your feedback, and in many cases, get the chance to shape the direction that the game is going. You may discover a whole new genre or style of game that you have never played before, and at the same time, get a behind the scenes look at the creative process. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get the game-design bug!

Prototype Designer Information

Do you have an unpublished game you'd like to playtest with FallCon attendees? Showcase it in Prototype Alley! Prototype Alley is reserved specifically for FallCon attendees who are playtesting unpublished game designs.

In order to secure a timeslot to promote and share your game with FallCon attendees:

Prototype events must be submitted to the FallCon event schedule for a space in Prototype Alley. Drop ins will only be accommodated if time and space permits.

What You Need to Know

IMPORTANT: When creating your event, please ensure that you select "Prototype" as the event type.

  • Please complete ALL required fields in the event submission form.
  • You may submit up to 4 separate events per prototype.
  • All submitted events will be subject to approval.
  • Event Scheduling: Prototype Alley submissions close August 19. All events start one hour after the Con opens and must be finished by 11:30pm, Friday and Saturday and 4:00pm on Sunday. Events are not permitted to be scheduled during Saturday night's Auction.
  • Space: Each table space seats 6 people. A maximum of 1 round table or 2 rectangular tables are available per event.
  • Event Duration: We recommend that events are between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours long, but no longer than 2 hours. Please keep in mind that you are expected to have your area tidy 10 minutes before the time your event ends, in order to allow for the next prototyper to set up.
  • Preferred and Alternate Start times: Please make sure these are two different times, even if they are only 30 minutes apart. Every attempt will be made to schedule your event at one of these times but we cannot guarantee it. Prototype Alley events start one hour after the Con opens and must be finished by 11:30pm, Friday and Saturday and 4:00pm on Sunday.
  • Hosts: The person submitting the event is listed as the host of the event, and as such will be required to create a Cardboard Events account. Other hosts can be assigned upon request but they must have a Cardboard Event account.
  • Badges: Please ensure that you, and your other hosts, buy a badge that corresponds to the day you are hosting your event, unless you are buying a weekend pass. You do not need to buy your badge before you submit your event. You do need to buy your badge in order to be at the Convention.
  • Signage: Signs, in tabletop sign holders, up to a maximum 8.5"x14" (legal), will be permitted on your assigned table space. One sign per table maximum; sign holders will not be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact

Prototype Alley submissions are open now!

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