Open Gaming

In the Open Gaming area, you can play any of the hundreds of games from the FallCon Library. Ask our friendly and knowledgeable librarians for suggestions to suit any time or player constraints you may have. Once you have checked out a game, take it to the Open Gaming Area. If you need help setting it up, ask one of our friendly Open Gaming Hosts. When you are done, repack the games nealty and return it to the FallCon Library.

Your badge has a QR code which gives you access to check out one game at a time from the FallCon Library. The librarian will scan your badge and the barcode of your selected game to check it out. When you return your game, the librarian will sccan the barcode to check the game back into the library system, allowing you to borrow another game.

Open Gaming

What are the little coloured cones for?

The orange cones communicate that players are wanted for a game. The red cones communicate that a teacher is wanted for a game. Attendees are encouraged to fulfill either role should they feel up to it!

Should I bring my own games?

Please plan to play FallCon Library games whenever possible. If the game you want to play is not in the FallCon Library, you can make a suggestion by email