Exhibitor and Sponsor Terms and Conditions

1.0 General

  1. An Exhibitor is defined as a person or organization who purchases an exhibition space at FallCon 34 for the use of promoting their organization or business and/or selling goods or services from their organization or business.
  2. A Sponsor is defined as a person or organization who purchases a sponsorship at FallCon 34 with the goal of promoting their organization or business to the attendees at FallCon 34.
  3. The Exhibitor and/or Sponsor agrees to abide by all terms & conditions adopted by the FallCon 34 Organizers prior to, during or after the Convention. The decision of the FallCon 34 Organizers on any question of interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be final, conclusive and binding on all parties.
  4. The Exhibitors and Sponsors agree to abide by all rules and regulations put in place by the venue. The exhibitor agrees and understands that the venue shall have final determination in regards to regulatory infringements in regards to their set rules and regulations.
  5. Exhibitor & Sponsor fees are due and payable in full through the online registration system prior to any Exhibitor space or Sponsor Level being secured to the proponent (unless otherwise specified).
  6. Exhibitors & Sponsors will not be allowed to move into the FallCon 34 Convention unless fees are fully paid. In the event the Exhibitor or Sponsor fails to make payment or fails to comply in any respect with the Exhibitor & Sponsor Terms & Conditions, participation in the FallCon 34 Convention shall cease and terminate. Any payment made by the Exhibitor or Sponsor on account hereof will be retained by the FallCon 34 Organizers as liquidated damages for breach of the contract. FallCon 34 Organizers may thereupon re-rent said Exhibitor Space or Sponsor Level.
  7. The Exhibitor or Sponsor agrees to obtain at its own expense, any licenses or permits required from government bodies, trade or industry associations, and any other third parties, for the operation of his/her business during the Convention.
  8. The Exhibitor agrees to obey any non-smoking regulation in effect at the facility and agrees to ensure that its officers, agents, employees, and those for whom in law that are responsible for, obey any such, regulation.
  9. No animals are permitted on the convention floor, except service dogs.
  10. Agreements for exhibitor space and sponsorship are valid for the FallCon 34 convention only. All Exhibitors and Sponsors receive the following as part of their agreement with FallCon:
    1. Social Media and website advertisement on FallCon 34 platforms leading up to FallCon 34,
    2. Logo in the FallCon 34 program, available to all convention attendees,
    3. Company name (in text) on the back of all volunteer t-shirts for FallCon 34,
    4. The benefits specific to their Exhibition space or Sponsorship Level (outlined on FallCon 34 website during application and registration for Exhibiting or Sponsorship).
  11. Permission for direct selling of goods or services at FallCon 34 varies dependent upon type of exhibitor or sponsorship. The types of good and service that can be sold at FallCon 34 are limited based on the restrictions noted in Section 3.0 of these Terms and Conditions.
    1. Exhibitors at vendor booths and within exhibitor areas are permitted direct selling of goods and services within their area.
    2. Sponsors of Prototype Alley, Flea Market, and Hosted Gaming are permitted direct selling of goods within their area.
    3. Sponsors of the Live Auction and the Open Gaming Library do not have a space on the convention floor and are NOT permitted to sell good and services at FallCon 34.
    4. Any group at the Community Table is NOT permitted to sell goods and services at FallCon 34.
  12. The Exhibitor or Sponsor will be responsible for, and make good, any damages that may be caused to the FallCon 34 venue or to its appurtenances which, but for the Exhibitor’s use, would not have occurred. All damages to the venue caused by the Exhibitor or Sponsor will be charged back to the Exhibitor or Sponsor at cost plus an administration fee.
  13. The FallCon Organizing Committee reserves the right to remove any Exhibitor or Sponsor who disregards and/or breaches:
    1. any of the terms and conditions presented herein,
    2. venue rules, or
    3. City, Provincial or Federal laws.
    Any Exhibitor or Sponsor removed from FallCon 34 will not be issued a refund. An assessment will be completed after the convention to determine if the exhibitor or sponsor removed will be eligible to attend future events held by the FallCon Gaming Society.
  14. Names and email addresses to use for any badges included with the exhibitor / sponsorship package must be provided with payment. If required, substitutions may be made by providing names to the Ssponsorship Ccoordinator prior to the convention or the registration coordinator at the convention.
  15. The FallCon 34 Convention is open to attendees during the following times:
    • Fri, September 25 2019, 5:00pm - 11:30pm
    • Sat, September 26 2019, 9:00am - 11:30pm
    • Sun, September 27 2019, 9:00am - 4:00pm

2.0 Arrival and Set-Up/Closure and Tear-Down

  1. Exhibitors are to arrive between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm on Friday to set-up their vendor area. Exhibitor Booths will be labeled with your booth number and name. Exhibition areas must be fully set-up and ready before 5:00 pm on Friday, September 27th. FallCon volunteers will be available if you have any questions, but are not available to help set-up Exhibitor areas.
  2. Any deliveries and shipments to the venue for use in exhibiting or sponsorship (not brought by the Exhibitor or Sponsor themselves) must be scheduled to arrive at SAIT Campus Centre Loading Docks no earlier than 10:00 am on Friday, September 27, 2019. FallCon volunteers will be on-site to receive the shipment, but transport of the shipment from the loading dock to the exhibitor area will be the responsibility of the staff of the Exhibitor/Sponsor. Address for the SAIT Campus Centre: 1301-16 Avenue NW, Calgary AB, T2M 0L4. Receiving and storage of shipments that arrive prior to the stated time are the responsibility of the Exhibitor. A limited number of transport dollies will be available for transporting items into the main convention area. FallCon shall bear no responsibility for any loss or damage of any freight shipped to any of its venues.
  3. Exhibitor & Sponsor badges issued by FallCon 34 must be worn at all times while at the venue. Badges must be picked up from the Volunteer & Vendor Check-in desk, on-site at the convention during arrival and set-up on Friday, September 27, 2019 before 5:00 pm. Vendor / Exhibitor badges are for use by booth attendants only and cannot be resold. Badges may be reprinted if name substitutions are required. Any Exhibitor or Sponsor found reselling badges will be removed from the convention without refund and disallowed from exhibiting at future FallCon conventions, as well as at affiliated events.
  4. Exhibitor area tear-down and move-out is on Sunday, September 29, 2019. Exhibitors are encouraged to remain open until 4:00 pm when the convention is complete, but can begin tear-down at 3:00 pm if desired. No Exhibitor shall close and tear down until after 3:00 pm on Sunday. A limited number of transport dollies will be available for transporting items from exhibitor areas out of the convention. Any freight left at the venue or in the loading dock after the conclusion of the event shall be deemed as "Abandoned Freight" and disposed of.

3.0 Exhibition Space and Display

  1. FallCon 34 Organizers reserve the right to determine the eligibility of Exhibitors and Sponsors for FallCon 34, to reject or prohibit Exhibitors or Sponsors which the Organizers consider objectionable or not aligned with the goals of the FallCon 34 convention. FallCon 34 Organizers reserve the right to relocate Exhibitors when, in the opinion of the FallCon 34 Organizers, such moves are necessary to maintain the character and/or good order of the Convention.
  2. The Exhibitor agrees to occupy the contracted space during the full term of the Convention. Setting up outside of the authorized footprint will result in a single request to bring the booth back into compliance. If not put back into compliance, the Exhibitor will be asked to tear down and depart without refund.
  3. All exhibits must be staffed at all times with one attendant that is at least 18 years of age or greater.
  4. The Exhibitor is not permitted to sublet the contracted exhibition space without written permission from the FallCon 34 Organizers. Further to this, the Exhibitor is not permitted to display or promote representation of any other companies and / or products other than that of the registered Exhibitor.
  5. It is expected that Exhibitors will have staff available at their booth, and be open for attendee interaction, during the following hours which will be posted in the program: Friday 5pm to 9pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday 11:30am to 3:30pm. Exhibitors may offer extended hours if they choose, and are invited to post this information at their booth. Any Exhibitor who closes their exhibition or moves out early without receiving permission may be disallowed from attending or exhibiting at future events with FallCon.
  6. All parts of the exhibit must be built to be stable and all walkways must be clear and open. Questionable stability or other hazards to attendees and users of the space will be identified by the FallCon 34 organizers and must be corrected or removed. If not put into compliance to the satisfaction of the FallCon 34 Organizers, the Exhibitor will be asked to tear down and depart the convention without refund.
  7. Only specific brands of non-marking tape and adhesive are allowed at the Convention venue. The exhibitor must confirm with the venue or the FallCon Organizers prior to doing any taping, marking or sign hanging which affixes to the floor, wall, bleachers or supplied booth components. FallCon 34 bears no responsibility for damages and/or staining caused by an exhibitor. All charges for clean-up and repair will be charged back to the Exhibitor responsible.
  8. All use of electrical items must be in compliance with venue and Fire Safety Terms and Conditions. Use of electrical outlets is restricted to Exhibitors and Sponsors whose package includes power supply. Unauthorized use of venue electrical outlets is not allowed.
  9. All lighting used by the Exhibitor or Sponsor must be approved by FallCon 34 Organizers and carry the appropriate CSA listing.
  10. Sound must be kept to a minimum for the comfort of all exhibitors and attendees. Absolutely no excessive noise or music or any kind will be allowed, unless pre-approved by the FallCon 34 organizers. The use of recorded music, public address systems or other similar devices for the purpose of attracting attention to the Exhibitor’s exhibit space is strictly prohibited.
  11. A wifi connection will be provided to all exhibitors, for use on a maximum of four (4) devices per exhibitor booth. Live streaming, podcasting or recording is permitted by prior arrangement only.
  12. All Exhibits must be in good taste and be family friendly and non-discriminatory in nature, keeping in the theme and nature of the event. All exhibits must further be non-associative or must not promote any specific religious or political doctrine. Final determination of what shall qualify shall be made by the Fallcon 34 Organizers. All exhibitors are subject to continued assessment throughout the event. Should any exhibit or display be found to not fall within this guideline, a warning will be issued to the Exhibitor. If the Exhibitor has already received a documented warning from the FallCon 34 Organizers, and an effort to comply with the guideline was not made, the Organizers reserve the right to remove the exhibitor from the convention without refund, and the exhibitor may be banned from attending future FallCon events.
  13. The display, distribution, or selling of any of the following products at Exhibitor or Sponsorship areas is prohibited:
    1. Copyrighted or bootlegged materials,
    2. Adult merchandise (defined as material depicting nudity, sexuality, or conduct that would be considered pornographic under Provincial or Federal Law),
    3. Weapons,
    4. Food and beverages (any and all types, alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
    Any exhibitor being found to be displaying, distributing or selling any of the aforementioned items will be asked to remove the materials from the venue. If said items are returned to the booth, or if the exhibitor refuses to comply with the removal request, the exhibitor will be removed from the event immediately, will not be refunded any portion of payment made, and may be banned from attending future FallCon events.
  14. An Exhibitor display must not exceed the standard drapery partition height of 8 feet. Display units must be finished to the satisfaction of the FallCon 34 Organizers so that a raw or unfinished sides are not left exposed to the next exhibit.
  15. Exhibitors must maintain their booth/table areas in a clean and orderly fashion both during all convention hours. Cleaning which involves loud noise or strong odours should be completed outside of operating hours of FallCon 34 unless it is needed to remove a hazardous condition.
  16. All materials owned by the exhibitor must remain within the confines of the booth or area at all times. All business must be conducted within your allotted exhibit space. No selling may be conducted in the aisles or on the convention floor.
  17. Exhibitors and Sponsors are not permitted to offer prizes, draws and/or giveaways without prior written authorization from FallCon 34. All lotteries must be in conformance with and follow the requirements of Provincial Gaming Laws.

4.0 Fire, Safety, and Security

  1. Exhibitor and Sponsor displays must meet all Provincial and Federal fire codes. No materials which are dangerous by reason of their flammable, combustible or explosive nature will be accepted or admitted. No Fire Extinguishers, Hose Cabinets, Fire Exits, and/or Fire Alarms shall be blocked or covered at any time during the convention.
  2. Exhibitors and Sponsors must take necessary precautions to protect and guard any products or demonstrations of products that are liable to cause accidents, injury or damage to any individual or to the property of the FallCon 34 venue.
  3. FallCon 34 Organizers will not be liable for any loss to an exhibit or injury to persons due to the negligence of Exhibitors or Sponsors.
  4. FallCon 34 does not take any responsibility whatsoever for safeguarding any products, money, or parts of an exhibit on the convention floor. The security of Exhibitor/Sponsor spaces is solely the responsibility of the Exhibitor or Sponsor. The main convention hall, which contains all Exhibitor and Sponsor areas, will be locked overnight, during non-convention hours. The FallCon 34 Organizers do not take any responsibility for any theft or loss that the Exhibitor or Sponsor may incur at the FallCon 34 convention.

5.0 Cancellation

  1. Notice of cancellation must be in writing (by email) and must be received at least thirty (30) business days prior to the opening date of FallCon 34. Cancellation, for any reason within 30 business days of the opening day will result in forfeiture of all monies paid. Cancellation, for any reason, prior to 30 business days from the opening day will result in a fee of 20% of the cost paid being withheld from refund of any monies paid so as to cover sunk costs incurred by the organizers.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, exhibition and sponsorship fees are due and payable in full under the terms and conditions as previously stated. Failure to appear at the event does not release the Exhibitor or Sponsor from responsibility for payment of the full cost of the space rented, nor does it constitute a refund of monies paid in any respect. Failure to appear at the event, without any prior communication to the FallCon Organizers, will result in the Exhibitor or Sponsor being disallowed from exhibiting or sponsoring at future events with FallCon.
  3. In the event that the facility in which the convention is to be held is destroyed or becomes unavailable for occupancy for reasons beyond the control of the FallCon 34 Organizers, or for any reason the FallCon 34 Organizers are unable to permit the Exhibitor or Sponsor to occupy the facility or space, or if the convention is cancelled or curtailed for any reason, the FallCon 34 Organizers will not be responsible for any loss of business, loss of profits, damage or expense that the Exhibitor may suffer. The reasons listed include but are not limited to fire, explosion, flood, weather or other Acts of God, acts of public enemies, riots or civil disturbances, strike, lockout or boycott.

6.0 Indemnity

  1. The Exhibitor or Sponsor accepts all risks associated with the use of the FallCon 34 convention space. The Exhibitor or Sponsor shall not make any claim or demand or take legal action, whatsoever, against FallCon 34 Organizers, other Exhibitors or Sponsors or the facility in which the convention is held, for any loss, damage or injury howsoever cause, to the Exhibitor/Sponsor, its officers, employees, agents or their property.
  2. The Exhibitor or Sponsor shall indemnify the FallCon 34 Organizers from and against all claims and demands, costs and charges of every kind resulting from their occupancy of the exhibit space or area, for personal injuries, death, property damages or any other damage sustained by the Exhibitor/Sponsor or its officers, employees or those for whom in law are responsible, or a visitor to the convention.

7.0 Contact Information

  1. For any questions or concerns regarding exhibiting or sponsoring at FallCon 34 please contact: sponsorship@fallcon.com