Meet Our Team


Photo of Colleen MacNaughton
Colleen MacNaughton
President, Volunteers & Registration
Photo of Amy Hills
Amy Hills
Secretary, Hosted Events Champion
Photo of Francois Bouchart
Francois Bouchart
Photo of Michael Cox
Michael Cox
Director at Large, Facility Liaison, Graphics
Photo of Darren Bezzant
Darren Bezzant
Past President, Director at Large, BoardGameGeek


Photo of Angela Purschke
Angela Purschke
Auction Lead, Library Coordinator
Photo of Anthony Ferrise
Anthony Ferrise
Sponsorship Coordinator
Photo of Bonnie Rudolph
Bonnie Rudolph
Hosted Events Coordinator
Photo of Coby Clarke
Coby Clarke
Registration Champion
Photo of Keith Rudolph
Keith Rudolph
Photo of Krista Miller
Krista Miller
Volunteer Scheduling
Photo of Kenzie Cox
Mackenzie Cox
Photo of Melanie Barr
Melanie Barr
Social Media Coordinator, Facebook
Photo of Mike Henders
Mike Henders
Training Coordinator, Open Gaming
Photo of Paul Hills
Paul Hills
Logistics Champion

Meetups and External Events

Photo of Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson
Sentry Box Meetup Host
Photo of Alison Yale
Alison Yale
Airdrie Meetup Host
Photo of Derek Strong
Derek Strong
Airdrie Meetup Host
Photo of Mike Reuvers
Mike Reuvers
Titan's Vault Meetup Host
Photo of a red meeple
Brendan Huang
Brentwood Meetup Host
Photo of Aaron Sebastien
Aaron Sebastian
External Events Champion