Meet Our Team


Photo of Amy Hills
Amy Hills
President, Volunteer Champion
Photo of Shawn Keown
Shawn Keown
Photo of Francois Bouchart
Francois Bouchart
Photo of Krysta Ibach
Krysta Ibach
Director at Large, Head Game Librarian
Margo Price
Director at Large, Communications & Sponsorship Champion
Greg Dunlop
Director at Large


Photo of Anthony Ferrise
Anthony Ferrise
Hosted Events Champion
Photo of Bree Flaterud
Bree Flaterud
Registration Champion
Photo of Paul Hills
Paul Hills
Logistics Champion


Photo of Coby Clarke
Coby Clarke
Registration Coordinator
Photo of Jack Siu
Jack Siu
Auction Coordinator
Photo of Keith Rudolph
Keith Rudolph
Web Developer
Photo of Zarley Zaremba
Zarley Zaremba
Volunteer Coordinator
Photo of Mike Henders
Mike Henders
Training Coordinator
Photo of Wendi Laing
Wendi Laing
Meetup Coordinator
Photo of Colleen MacNaughton
Colleen MacNaughton
Library Assistant
Photo of Aaron Sebastian
Aaron Sebastian
External Events Champion, CGDA Coordinator