Who We Are

The FallCon Gaming Society is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that has presented an annual board game convention in Calgary for more than 35 years. What began as a yearly weekend of playing board games has expanded to an annual convention and year-round board gaming events.

At the FallCon Gaming Society, we believe in the power of board games to bring people together. Gathering around the table to play a game, promotes connection and relationship building while crossing generational, racial, gender, ability, and socio-economic boundaries.

People + Games = Better Communities, Families, and Relationships

The FallCon Convention

FallCon is an annual three day Board Game and Miniature Convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The convention is produced by the FallCon Gaming Society, a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers, united in their passion for tabletop gaming & miniatures.

The prime focus of the FallCon annual convention is to provide a welcoming environment for all to experience a wide variety of games and events, whether it be hosted games, tournaments, play-testing prototype games, engaging with exhibitors, and taking part in a live auction of 200-300 games.

As the convention grows, we strive to maintain FallCon’s community feel. Each year, we welcome more than 500 attendees to our event, many returning year after year. We invite beginners, families, and those curious about the board gaming hobby to join us. Whether you come solo or bring friends and family for a weekend of boardgaming at FallCon, our volunteers will help to match players with tables seeking more players. Our volunteer Game Hosts are also on hand to help select and teach games from our Open Gaming Library, as well as to host and teach games from scheduled signups. FallCon is the ideal place to celebrate the best of unplugged gaming and develop new (or renew) gaming friendships that you can connect with throughout the year.

Our Open Gaming Library

The FallCon Gaming Society maintains a library of over 1000 games.

We recognize that there exists an abundance of games in the marketplace but in keeping with what makes us unique, we narrow the selection to those titles that are:

  • recognized as best in class
  • highly playable and interesting themes
  • fun, challenging and social
  • something that we (the organizers) would want to play ourselves

The variety ranges from "out of print" classics to the "latest and greatest" boardgames and miniature systems. Some of our games are complex but most are easy for anyone to play.

Search our game library.


FallCon 365 is our Meetup initiative that presents free board game events open to the public, to promote board gaming in Calgary throughout the year. You'll find our volunteers teaching games throughout the year at both online and in-person meetups and other local conventions.

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