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FallCon32 Survey will close tomorrow

Sunday, October 13, 2019 8:14 PM

Greetings of Gratitude!

FallCon32 Survey Closes Soon

Thank you to all who have contributed your feedback. Your insights and suggestions are really valuable to us as we begin to plan for FallCon 33.
If you haven't yet responded, you still have a chance to share your experiences at FallCon32 by filling out the Survey before it closes Monday night (October 14).

Happy Gaming!
Amy H | Hosted Events

Survey + Save the Date

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 5:44 AM


Thank you for joining our community of passionate boardgamers at FallCon 32. We hope you had a great time making new friends and finding some new people to game with throughout the year.

Attendee Survey

Please respond to our attendee survey while the event is fresh in your memory. We value your perspective and your thoughts help us shape next year's experience.

We want to see your pictures!

Help us to see FallCon from your perspective. Use #FallCon32 when posting your pictures to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

FallCon Withdrawal?

Let the gaming continue! If you are in Calgary, check out the local meetups held each month.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Wondering who was selling what at FallCon? Our list of Exhibitors and Sponsors can help you connect with them. Please let them know you found them at FallCon.

Thank You!

Thank you to our ConCrew who, tireless, enthusiastic, and fully committed whether the task was stressful or tedious, sacrificed a whole bunch of their gaming hours to help all of us have the best possible FallCon.
Thank you to our Sponsors and Exhibitors for their support.
Thanks to those who were able to lend a helping hand with tear down - your aid was very much appreciated!
Thank you to each of you for sitting down at the table and sharing the love of boardgames together throughout the weekend.

Save the Date

FallCon 33
Sept 25 - 27, 2020
*Dates are reserved and await confirmation by SAIT by early 2020, hopefully.

We believe that People + Games = Better Communities, Families and Relationships.
Keep bringing those games, and people, to the table!

Until FallCon 33,
Your FallCon Organizing Team

P.S. Don't Forget to fill out the Attendee Survey

New Update

Sunday, September 29, 2019 12:46 PM

Happy Sunday@FallCon!

Sunday Hours 9:00am to 4:00pm

What a great and eventful Saturday@FallCon! Are you ready for more great gaming and events? So are we!

Flea Market - 9am! Doors Open - 9am!

The Flea Market, which will open at 9am and will share the Open Gaming space, right in the main gymnasium. This event is CASH ONLY, so please come prepared.
Please join the appropriate queue if you arrive before the doors open.

Gamer Achievements

Play a prototype - get a sticker! Thank a volunteer - get a sticker! Each completed square gives you 1 entry to a draw for 1 of 3 free weekend passes to FallCon 33. Returning your badge holder and lanyard will earn you an additional 3 entries into the draw. 3 winners will be drawn approximately 1 week after the convention and will be notified by email.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Don't forget to post your photos using #FallCon32. We'd love to shout out your pic! See pg 17 of the program for details.

Lend a Hand?

Many hands make light work and we would be very appreciative if you could provide any assistance with the tear-down at the close of the convention at 4pm today. Help with stacking chairs & tables, and the boxing of the library would be much appreciated. Please see an organizer (yellow lanyard) for further details.

We hope that you are having a memorable weekend and are making some great gaming friendships!

Happy Last Day of FallCon Gaming!
Amy and Bonnie | Hosted Events Team

New Update

Saturday, September 28, 2019 2:42 PM

Happy Saturday@FallCon!

If you made it out on Friday evening we hope you are thoroughly enjoying your experience at FallCon. If not, we can't wait to see you today and/or Sunday!

Saturday Hours 9:00am to 11:30pm (over 14 hours of gaming bliss!)
  1. It's AUCTION DAY - Bring cash!
  2. FallCon Game Design Jam - Have you ever wanted to try your hand at game design? Join us in Prototype Alley today at 11am.
  3. Don't forget the ilo307 7 Wonders Tournament - snag a spot before this one fills up! Saturday @ 3:30pm.
  4. Two Rooms and a Boom - Consider signing up and joining this fun event on Saturday @ 10pm in the Orpheus Theatre.

Signing up for Hosted Events

It is always a good idea to sign up for any events you want to join though your Table Top Events (TTE) account. This will put you directly on the list (or, if full, add your name to the waitlist). You are always welcome to show up at the table for any scheduled event, but preference will be to attendees who have signed up, then waitlisted, and finally to those walking up.

Family Zone

Help families get their games to the table and parents to have space to sit down while their children play or colour. Please save the tables surrounding The Family Zone for those with younger children.

Saturday Coziness

It will be busy! Share the space, tidy up food and work together to bring as many games to the tables as possible!

Happy Gaming!
Amy & Bonnie
Your Hosted Events Team

If you have any questions contact

FallCon Friday!

Friday, September 27, 2019 9:19 PM

Happy First day of FallCon!

Friday at FallCon

Today's Hours: 5:00 PM - 11:30 PM


Pick up your pre-purchased badges at Registration. At the door sales will be a separate line. We've requested additional server support from Tabletop.Events during the opening rush to help expedite your check in to get you gaming as fast as possible.

Auction Intake

Auction Intake is located outside the Orpheus Theatre, near to Jugo Juice.


There are a variety of food options on campus and in the nearby shopping centre. Outside food is allowed in the gymnasium. You can find more information here. Delivery services will deliver to the front door of the Campus Centre, where you can meet them, and may be able to deliver to Registration - just give the Reg. volunteers a head's up if you are expecting a delivery to the gymnasium.

Finding your way

The first few minutes after you are checked in can be overwhelming. Where do you go? What do you do? Ask any ConCrew volunteer (black lanyard) or Organizer (yellow lanyard) if you need any help. Our community is pretty amazing and often a fellow attendee can help guide your first steps, as well.

Canadian Game Design Award

Two of the finalists are showcasing their games today. Drop by Prototype Alley at 6pm and 8pm to check them out!

Featured Hosted Events

  • Stranger Dread RPG:Using FallCon's giant Jenga tower instead of dice, this Stranger Things inspired session of Dread is suitable for all experience levels but not for all ages - it will be a frightfully good time.
  • Ultimate Werewolf: "Yer a Werewolf!" "No - yer a werewolf!" Wait. WHO is the werewolf? Join in at 9:30pm and see if yer a Werewolf.

See you very soon!
Bonnie, Keith and Amy | Hosted Events

Contact if you have any questions.

One more sleep!

Thursday, September 26, 2019 3:06 PM


One more sleep. Who is ready for FallCon?

Don't Forget:

  • Stay hydrated: Bring a water bottle; use the water fountains, or buy a beverage from the food vendors.
  • Share the Space: The Open Gaming area can get pretty busy; help each other get as many games to the tables as possible.
  • Build the Community: Invite new-to-you players to your game or use an orange "Players Wanted" cone to encourage people to join you at the table!
  • Keep it Clean: There are recycling and trash bins located around the gym. Also, it's a family-friendly environment.

Open Gaming Library

You can browse our library shelves virtually using the FallCon website or in-person when you get to the Convention. Don't be afraid to ask for advice on a game selection from the librarian or any one of the volunteers. Once you have made your selection, take the game you wish to play to the Librarian. They will scan the QR codes on your badge and on the game to process your check out. Be sure to return the game to the library when you are done!
If you are looking for more players, grab an orange cone or if you'd like someone to teach you the game, grab a red cone to place at your Open Gaming table.
After 5pm on Friday, use the Hot Games feed to find out which games are proving to be the most popular during the convention. HotGames---Menu-Select.png


Open Gaming

Head to the tables with the black tablecloths. This is the Open Gaming area. After you check out a game in the Open Gaming Library, find a spot at a table, set up the game and enjoy. Or look around for orange cones if you want to find a game to join.

Hosted Gaming, Prototype Alley & RPGs (Red tablecloths)

Attend your scheduled event: Be early.

  • If you are not there when the event starts, your spot is considered available and will be given to attendees on the waitlist who are present at the event.

If you aren't planning to attend your event, please delete your ticket to show the spot is available.
Don't be afraid to walk up to an event that is full. Sometimes space becomes available at the last minute.

Individual table schedules and numbers are posted at each Hosted Gaming and Prototype Alley table. A full schedule will be posted near the Hosted Gaming area.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

Check out the Asmodee and ilo307 demo areas. Try out a game. Wander the exhibitor booths and snag some sweet merch. Chat with our Sponsors and share the love of gaming.

Live Auction and Flea Market are CASH ONLY events

Remember to bring CASH. Although there are a few ATMs located throughout the building, why risk it? Come prepared!

Even more information about the convention can be found at
See you soon! If you are travelling to join us, may your journey be swift and smooth.

Happy FallCon!
Bonnie, Keith and Amy | Hosted Events Team

If you have any questions, contact

Just a few more days to go!

Monday, September 23, 2019 2:20 AM


FallCon is less than a week away. Here are a few things to help you get prepared:

Getting to FallCon

You can get to FallCon by car, bus or CTrain but note that shuttle buses will replace CTrain service between Tuscany and Brentwood Stations on Saturday and Sunday (Sept 28-29) due to maintenance. Venue and parking information is located here.

Food at FallCon

Feel free to bring your own food, or you can find a variety of food options on the SAIT campus and in the nearby shopping centre. Food options dwindle in the early evening, so plan accordingly. SAIT establishments have shared their expected hours but in previous years we have found that these hours may change without notice . Note that alcohol is not permitted in the gymnasium.

Live Auction Game List

Wondering if the Live Auction will have that particular game you have been eyeing? Check out the Live Auction List to get a head start on your research. You can also find a printer friendly version of the list here.

7 Wonders Tournament

ilo307 will be hosting their super-fun 7 Wonders Tournament on Saturday afternoon! We are finalizing details and it will be posted just as soon as we have them. Keep your eyes on the schedule.

Happy Gaming!
Amy H & Bonnie R | Hosted Events

Contact if you have any questions.

Yellow leaves mean FallCon approaches!

Sunday, September 15, 2019 8:50 PM

Greetings Fellow Gamers!

FallCon is less than two weeks away!

Advance badges are available until September 22. If you have friends or family who are planning to come, there is one week left to purchase badges online. Badges will be available at the door.

Live Auction - A CASH ONLY event
At 6pm on Saturday, in the Orpheus Theatre, the Live Auction will commence after the presentation of the Canadian Game Design Award.
Three Batches of games will be sold: Batch A will commence at 6pm, Batch B will commence no earlier than 7pm and Batch C will commence as early as 8pm. Each Batch will begin with the auction of a Golden and a Silver Ticket that allow the purchasers special powers at the Convention. The Golden Tickets allow the purchasers first pick on any game for sale in that specific Batch. The Silver Tickets grants the winning bidders access to the Sunday morning Flea Market 15 minutes early. Proceeds from the Silver Tickets will go to the Salvation Army in thanks for the provision of one of their trucks to aid in the transport of the Open Gaming Library to the venue. Remember, the Auction is CASH ONLY.
Check out the list of games being sold.

The Live Auction is sponsored by The Sentry Box.

Flea Market - A CASH ONLY event
Sunday Morning's Flea Market, featuring games looking for new homes, runs from 9-11am on Sunday and will be located within the Open Gaming area. It is CASH ONLY - be prepared!

The Flea Market is sponsored by Chinook Games.

Artemis Bridge Simulator Interested in exploring new worlds, or seeking out possible computer-simulated combat or scenarios? Boldly go to the back of the Open Gaming area and engage in the experience of the Artemis Bridge Simulator, provided by members of the USS King Edward. Drop in only.

A few more hosted games will be added to the schedule in the next few days. Remember:

  • Waitlists are available for all events
  • You can see the events you are attending, as well as delete tickets to events you don't plan to attend under My Schedule
  • Tickets for Prototype Alley games and Hosted Games are free and simply reserve you a place at the table until the start time of the game - it does not guarantee your spot. Be early. At game time, priority is given to those signed up, then to those on the waitlist and finally, to those present at the table. So, don't be afraid to show up at the game you want - you just might snag a seat at the table.

Happy Gaming!
Amy H | Programming Champion

If you have any questions, please contact,

People's Choice

Sunday, September 8, 2019 6:27 AM


FallCon is less than 3 weeks away! Are you getting excited? Here are a few highlights of what's planned:

The FallCon's People's Choice Winner is... Wingspan!

It's pretty. And it's also pretty fun. A Friday night event has been added, in addition to the Saturday and Sunday events.

Locked Room - Masque of the Red Death

How quickly can you solve the Prince's puzzles? View the Locked Room schedule here. Events that accept online registration are nearly full. Visit the Locked Room during the FallCon to sign up for the "Register at the Con" events.

Stranger Dread

It's Dread, the RPG, with a Stranger Things twist, featuring FallCon's giant Jenga Tower. Should you feel the need to sing " The Neverending Story", we won't judge. Check it out here.

Prototype Alley

All those boardgames we love started out as prototypes. Connect with Game Designers to playtest their games - you might find a new favourite!
Featured events:

  • Canadian Game Design Award finalists are showcasing their entries throughout the Convention. The Winner will be announced at 6pm during the Live Auction. Join us at 9:30pm on Saturday to play the Winning Game!
  • FallCon Game Design Jam will challenge you to get your game on. With materials provided by Panda Game Manufacturing, try your hand at designing a game. Who knows? Maybe you'll design the next CGDA winner!

Find these events and more in the Hosted Events schedule.

Remember: You must have purchased a badge in order to get a ticket for any scheduled event. Tickets for gaming events are free and simply allow you to reserve a seat at the hosted event of your choice. Should your plans change, please delete your tickets out of courtesy to the hosts and fellow attendees.

Stay at SAIT

If you're a last minute planner, SAIT is offering discounted rooms for FallCon attendees.

Happy Gaming!
Amy H
Programming Champion

Please email if you have any questions.

A short but sweet update!

Thursday, August 15, 2019 3:39 PM

FallCon is just over a month away. We've made some additions to our schedule. Read on...

Canadian Game Design Award

Check out a selection of the prototypes submitted for the Canadian Game Design Award, including all of the finalists. Who do YOU think will win?

Hosted Games

More games have been added to the schedule. And more are yet to come.

Get Tickets


Community Host submissions are now open! Do you have a game you'd like to introduce to other attendees? Check out this page and follow the link to submit your game.

Wondering about volunteering?

Time is running out to get the tshirt - Sign up now!

Happy Gaming!
Amy H | Programming Champion
Bonnie R | Hosted Events Coordinator

Contact for more information.

The Links - Corrected

Thursday, August 1, 2019 6:20 PM

Sorry, all - I sent out the previous update with the wrong links.

Here are the right ones, plus a few more:

Happy Gaming!
Amy H | Programming Champion

Contact for more information.

RPGs are back!

Thursday, August 1, 2019 5:36 AM

Greetings FallCon Badgeholders!

Create a character, recover a claw, check out some fins, seek out some new civilizations and escape the house: we've added a variety of RPGs to the schedule, with more to come!

Remember: - Tickets for Hosted Games are free and simply reserve you a spot at the table.
(Only tickets for Auction Slots and Flea Market tables have a cost)
- Search by event type to quickly filter your choices.
- You can see the events you are attending by clicking on My Schedule.

Get Your Tickets

57 days till FallCon!

Happy Gaming!
Amy H | Programming Champion

Contact for more information.

Prototype Submissions are Open!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 6:22 AM


Calling All Prototypers!

Do you have an unpublished game you'd like to playtest with fellow attendees? Showcase it in Prototype Alley! To submit your Prototype event, start here.

The Schedule

More games have been added!
Remember, tickets are free and simply reserve your place at the table. FallCon Classics, RPGs and our newest event, a Gaming Pentathlon, will be coming soon!
Get Your Tickets!

Sell Your Games

Auction slots and Flea Market Tables are still available.

72 days until FallCon... Until then, happy gaming!

Amy H
Programming |

Hosted Events Schedule Update

Monday, July 1, 2019 1:07 PM


A short and sweet update this Canada Day!

The Schedule

The first installment of the Hosted Events schedule is live! Remember, tickets are free and simply reserve your place at the table. More events will be posted in the coming weeks as our schedule grows.

Get Your Tickets!

Auction Slots

Auctions slots are now available to purchase. There are some changes to the auction process - read the details here before buying your slots.

Flea Market tables

Flea Market tables are now available to purchase. Find details here.

Please email events@fallcon if you have any questions.

Happy Gaming! From the Programming Team Angela, Bonnie and Amy