Hosted Events

FallCon has always prided itself on its hosted events stream. This has evolved and changed over the years to accommodate the changing landscape of the board gaming hobby. A few years ago, a dedicated hobbyist could acquire all the new games that came out in a month, and play them all before the new batch came out the next month! Now, new games come out in a never-ending firehose of releases, covering a wide array of themes, mechanics and genres. It is impossible to try them all out. But fear not! FallCon is here to help. With our intrepid team of hosts, we strive to bring you a wide array of old and new titles for your gaming pleasure. Our hosts will teach, using the FallCon Method the game to you, and then be available to answer questions while you play with other interested attendees.

If you have already played the game, you may still want to sign up to play in our hosted events. You may find other experienced players who can offer new challenges in a favoured game. When possible, we will offer a teaching focussed table for new players and a 'competitive' table for experienced players. The intent of the hosted events is FUN, and to offer a safe inviting environment to play our games.

We hope that you can find an event that piques your interest, and you enjoy your weekend with us at FallCon 34!

Our Hosted Events schedule will be availble as we get a little closer to the convention. Be sure to check back often to stay on top of the latest news!

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