Live Auction Game List

Batch A starts at 6:00pm. Batch B starts no earlier than 7:00pm. Batch C starts no earlier than 8:00pm. This list is organized by batch, then alphabetically by game name.

Batch Game Condition Reserve Notes My Notes
A Oktoberfest New in Shrink $5 N/A
A A Fool's Fortune Excellent $7 never played
A Airlines Europe Good $0 N/A
A Albion Good $1 BGG 55911
A Android: Mainframe Excellent $5 Complete
A Apocrypha - Full Kickstarter New in Shrink $30 Includes the flesh exp, the devil exp, book of hybrids, and promos.
A Arkham Horror The Card Game Excellent $5 Just the base game
A Automania Excellent $5 Out of Print
A Axis & Allies - D-Day Fair $1 Box shows its age but the components are in good condition.
A Batman - Gotham City Chronicles New in Shrink $100 Base Game. Has a ton of Miniatures
A Belfort w the Expansion expansion Good $5 Comes from smoke free, pet friendly home.
A Blood Bowl Excellent $5 Starter box, Includes the Dwarf Team as well as Death Zone Season one
A Blood Rage Excellent $10 N/a
A Bloodborne The Card Game Excellent $5 None
A Bootleggers Good $1 BGG 12477
A Brew Crafters Good $5 Previously played a few times.
A Carson City with Gold & Guns Expansion Excellent $7 Expansion is unpunched
A Caverna Good $0 N/A
A Century Spice Road Excellent $5 None
A City Hall New in Shrink $1 N/a
A Claustrophobia - 1st Printing Excellent $7 none
A Claustrophobia De Profundis Expansion Unpunched $7 none
A Claustrophobia Furor Sanguinis Expansion New in Shrink $7 out of print
A Coin Quest Excellent $7 none
A Concordia New in Shrink $20 Concordia is a peaceful strategy game of economic development for 2-5 players that plays in 90-120 minutes. Come from a smoke free pet friendly home.
A Conflict of Heroes - Awakening the Bear! - Russia 1941-42 Excellent $1 NA
A Coup & Coup Reformation Excellent $5 Kickstarter edition with unique art
A Delve w Peril Awaits expansion Excellent $5 Played once. Comes from smoke free and pet friendly home.
A Descent: Journeys Into The Dark 2nd Ed. Excellent $0 Includes The Trollfens Expansion (in shrink)
A Deus Good $5 None
A Dragonheart Excellent $7 never played
A Ex Libris Excellent $5 Gnomes! Libraries! Forbidden Tomes! Fun.
A Flashpoint Fire Rescue & Urban Structures Expansion Good $0 None
A Gang of Four Excellent $7 never played
A Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters Excellent $5 Good family game!
A Great Pursueder Good $1 BGG 147457
A Hacienda Excellent $7 none
A Hanabi Deluxe Edition Excellent $5 Deluxe Edition
A Imperial 2030 Excellent $0 Unplayed
A Islebound Excellent $5 Ryan Laukat!
A Junk Art Excellent $5 Wooden box and components
A Justice League Strategy Game Excellent $5 Complete
A Keyharvest Good $1 Complete
A King of New York Good $1 BGG 160499
A King of Tokyp Fair $5 Box corner crush injury
A Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Opressor Excellent $1 Retail edition. Punched but never been played. Comes from a smoke free pet friendly home.
A Leonardo Da Vinci Good $5 Played several times, light box wear.
A Lords of Vegas Good $0 N/A
A Lost Legends New in Shrink $5 3–5 Players, 70 Min Playing Time
A Mage Knight New in Shrink $1 NA
A Mage Wars Academy Good $1 BGG 172503
A Marvel Heroes Excellent $10 Minor shelf wear. Components in excellent condition.
A Massive Darkness (retail edition) Excellent $5 Some minis primed with paint but otherwise un-punched and un-played.
A Matryoshka Excellent $1 Card game with the infamous nesting dolls in different patterns!
A Metropolys Good $5 Out of Print, box wear
A Neolithibum Good $1 BGG 1402
A New Amsterdam Excellent $7 none
A Olympus Excellent $5 2011 Ludoteca Ideale Official Selection Winner 2010 Lucca Games Best Boardgame
A Omen: A Reign of War + Forgotten Oath Expansion Excellent $7 2nd Edition
A Orcs Orcs Orcs New in Shrink $1 NA
A Orcs Orcs Orcs New in Shrink $5 N/A
A Palenque New in Shrink $0 Battle for the Yucatan Peninsula!
A Planet Steam Good $1 BGG 23094
A Princes of the Renaissance + Expansion Bundle Excellent $7 Never played. Expansion is in shrink
A Puerto Rico Good $0 N/A
A Rogue Agent Good $1 Box has some dings. Components in great condition.
A Rolling Freight New in Shrink $0 I hope you enjoy train games more than I do.
A Samarkand: Routes to Riches New in Shrink $5 2012 Hungarian Board Game Award Nominee 2010 Spiel des Jahres Recommended
A Seven Sisters Good $5 Kickstarter - upgraded components
A Slaughterball Excellent $50 Large Bundle includes all teams and Stadiums. Second copy of the Base game for additional components and teams
A Smash Up Excellent $10 Includes "It's Your Fault" expansion. Played 2-3 times. Comes from smoke free, pet friendly home.
A Space Cadets Good $5 None
A Star Trek Ascendancy Excellent $7 Played once
A Star Trek Ascendancy: Cardassian Union Expansion New in Shrink $7 none
A Steel Driver Excellent $7 Classic Martin Wallace train game
A Stock Ticker Good $1 BGG 2680
A Stone Age Fair $5 N/a
A Summoner Wars Master Set Good $0 Factions are stored in individually customized tuck-boxes
A The Staufer Dynasty Excellent $7 never played
A The X-Files Excellent, Unpunched $1 Unpunched.
A Tiny Epic Defenders Excellent $2 1st ed without item-meeples
A Tortuga New in Shrink $5 8+ - Great for kids.
A Traders of Carthage Excellent $7 never played
A Traders of Osaka Unpunched $7 none
A Tragedy Looper w/ Midnight Circle Expansion Excellent $5 Rated 7.3 on BGG!
A Trajan Good $0 N/A
A Twilight Imperium 3rd ed w Shards of the Throne and Shattered Empire Excellent $5 Played 2-3 times. Comes with both Shards of the Throne and Shattered Empire expansions. Comes from a smoke free, pet friendly home.
A Twilight imperium 3rd Edition - includes Shattered Empire Expansiin Excellent $20 Includes shattered realms expansion
A Twilight Struggle: Deluxe Edition Good $0 N/A
A Tzolkin New in Shrink $0 N/A
A Ubongo Extreme Excellent $0 It’s harder than the original game.
A V Commandos Excellent $10 He's been played only a couple of times.
A VS System 2PCG: The Marvel Battles Good $1 BGG 178892
A World of Yo-Ho Excellent $7 none
A Wyatt Earp Excellent $7 none
A Xenoshift: Onslaught New in Shrink $5 Comes from a smoke free, pet friendly home.
A Yomi: Complete First Edition Good $0 N/A
A Zombicide (Season 1 - Base Game) Excellent $1 Barely Played
A Zombie 15' Excellent $5 Complete
B 1714: The Case of the Catalans Excellent $10 Never Played
B 4 the Birds Excellent $7 Complete
B Age of Steam + 6 expansions Excellent $0 Age of Steam (includes all original pieces). Includes St. Lucia & Barbados. France & Germany expansion. Korea & Scandinavia expension (printed instruction). Non-smoking and non animal home.
B Alhambra Big Box plus Falconers Expansion Excellent $0 Includes Falconers expansion
B Alien Artifacts Excellent $5 N/A
B Android Board Game (not LCG) Excellent, Unpunched $0 Box has slight scuff mark on edge
B Arcadia Quest - Inferno Excellent $10 Includes Go7 Gaming insert, Whole Lotta Lava & Fall of Arcadia Campaign booklet
B Arcadia Quest Beyond the Grave Excellent $0 none
B Archipelago Excellent $0 Played twice. Pet friendly home.
B Argent: The Consortium Good $1 BGG 144797
B Arkham Horror Good $0 Original edition, 3rd printing from 2011. Pet friendly home.
B Artifacts Inc. Excellent $0 none
B Aton Fair $5 Complete
B Barenpark Good $0 Internal organization changed to include more plastic bags.
B Bidder Up! Excellent $0 Played once
B Black Friday Excellent $0 Hard to find Friedemann Friese game
B Bloodsuckers New in Shrink $0 Fireside Games, 2-4 players, 1-2 hours. Vampire Hunting card game by the creators of Castle Panic.
B Bootlegger Excellent $10 Complete
B Bremerhaven Good $1 BGG 137237
B Carcassonne Excellent $1 Older Edition (© 2000)
B Cargo Noir Excellent $10 Complete
B Castles of Burgundy Excellent $5 WARNING this game is beige
B Cat Lady Excellent $0 punched/never played
B Caverna The Cave Farmers Excellent $5 Contains a cuddle room that can hold 1 dwarf and unlimited sheep
B Century Spice Road Good $0 Minor box wear, but overall good condition.
B Cerebria - The Inside World Good $5 Kickstarter Edition with Forces of Balance and unpainted minis
B Champions of Hara Excellent $0 Played once
B Cheaty Mages Excellent $5 Is not related to The Cheat on Homestar Runner
B Cluzzle Good $5 Original crusty playdoh replaced with dollar store clay of the same colors. Also includes designer's updated ruleset.
B Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War Excellent $0 Played once
B Cry Havoc Excellent $0 Played once
B Cutthroat Caverns Excellent $0 Includes 'Deeper and Darker' and 'Savage Arena' expansion
B Cutthroat Caverns Unpunched $0 3-6 players, 1.5 hours. Kill-stealing RPG card game.
B Dale of Merchants Excellent $0 No missing parts. Non-smoking and no animal home. Dice tower seal of approval.
B Dungeon Twister 2: Prison Excellent $0 1-2 players, 15-60 mins. Tactical strategy game. Standalone.
B Field Command: Singapore 1942 Good $1 BGG 36332
B Fresco Big Box Excellent $0 N/A
B Genesis: Empires and Kingdoms of the Ancient Middle East Excellent $10 Punched but never played
B Ghooost! Excellent $5 👻👻👻👻👻👻
B Ginger Dead House New in Shrink $0 2-4 players, 30-45 mins. Tower defense game.
B Glen More Good $1 Complete
B Hannibal: Rome Vs. Carthage Excellent $10 Avalon Hill Edition
B Hansa Fair $5 Complete
B Hellas Fair $5 Complete
B Herbaceous Sprouts Excellent $0 Includes mini expansion Green Thumb
B Heroes of Normandie Good $1 BGG 53093
B Imperial Settlers + 2 expansions (Aztecs, Amazon) Excellent $0 Common cards and expansion cards are sleeved
B K2 Excellent $0 Played once
B Killer Bunnies - Remix Excellent $1 Barely played
B Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot Excellent $0 Includes Green, Red, Violet, Orange boosters and lots of special release cards
B Kingdoms Fair $5 complete
B Kingsburg Good $0 First edition. Pet friendly home.
B Krosmaster Quest Excellent $0 Played once
B Legacy: Gears of Time Good $1 BGG 119781
B Lemming Mafia Excellent $7 Complete
B Leonardo Da Vinci Fair $7 Complete
B Level 7 Escape Excellent $10 Privateer Press
B Lewis & Clark Excellent $0 punched, never played
B Lifeboats Good $0 N/A
B Loony Quest Good $0 none
B Lord of the Rings : LCG Set Good $5 Core set, also contains 3 adventure packs from the first cycle, as well as the first half of the two Hobbit expansions.
B Master Labyrinth Good $5 Maze is very slidey. Beware.
B Merchant of Venus Second Edition Excellent $10 Includes Plano boxes for components
B Mi Terra Excellent $0 none
B Mint Works Excellent $0 n/a
B Mountains of Madness Excellent, New in Shrink $0 Cooperative game
B Nothing Personal Good $1 BGG 120523
B Orongo Excellent $0 Played once
B Pandemic w/On The Brink expansion Excellent $5 Includes On The Brink expansion, all components in base game box.
B Patchistory 2nd edition w/promo tiles Excellent $5 Includes promo tiles
B Pictomania Good $5 So much better than Pictionary
B Princes of the Renaissance Good $1 BGG 8045
B Race for the Galaxy Excellent $0 includes The Gathering Storm expansion, allowing it to be played solo
B Riff Raff Excellent $0 N/A
B Rise to Nobility New in Shrink $0 N/A
B Russia Besieged Excellent $10 2004 L2. Punched and played once.
B Sakura Excellent $0 Played a few times, like new condition.
B Sheriff of Nottingham Good $0 Great game from a pet friendly home.
B Sid Meier's Civilization The Board Game Good $0 None
B Simurgh w/Call of the Dragonlord expansion (both are Kickstarter edition) Excellent $5 Includes Call of the Dragonlord expansion, all components in base game box. Kickstarter edition of both the game and the expansion.
B Small World Underground (With Tunnels Expansion) Unpunched $1 Opened but never played
B Smallworld Good $0 Great game from a pet friendly home.
B Space Cadets (with Resistance is Mostly Futile Expansion) Good $1 No inserts or box for the expansion
B Spirit Island Excellent, Like new, only played twice $25 From a non-smoking, no pet home
B Stephenson's Rocket First Edition Excellent $0 Box has slight scuff in corner. Excellent Knizia game.
B Stop Thief (original 1979 edition) Good $1 BGG 1992
B The Duke Excellent, Unpunched $0 Opened but never played, like new condition.
B The Lord of the Rings - The Card Game Good $0 From a pet friendly home.
B The Rise of Queensdale Excellent, Unpunched $5 Never played; plunger used on miniature toilet (j/k)
B Thief of Bagdad Excellent $7 Complete
B Tichu Excellent $0 Rio Grande Games. 3-10 Players, 30-90 mins. Chinese Card game.
B Tok Tok Wood Man Good $5 Much superior to Click Clack Lumberjack because it has a better name
B Ubongo Excellent $5 N/A
B War of the Ring + Battles of the Third Age Expansion Excellent $20 1st Edition FFG. Included is the Battles of the Third Age Expansion. Played once.
B War of the Ring, 2nd edition Excellent, Like new, only played twice $25 From a non-smoking, no pet home
B Witch's Brew Fair $5 Game is well played because it's SO FREAKING GOOD. 12/10 would witch again
B Zombicide - Toxic City Mall Expansion New in Shrink $1 Brand New!
B Zooloretto Good $0 Great kids game from a pet friendly home.
C [redacted] Excellent $1 N/A
C Expedition: Famous Explorers Excellent $1 Like Ticket to Ride but with more interactivity
C 2GM plus expansions New in Shrink $50 Includes playmat, German, Soviet, UK and Italy expansions plus more
C 504 Good $1 punched but unplayed
C 5-Minute Dungeon Good $0 N/A
C 7 Wonders with Cities expansion Excellent, New in Shrink $20 Complete. Expansion is new in Shrink. Main game in Excellent condition.
C A Few Acres of Snow Good $0 Two small blue cubes replaced with two slightly larger blue cubes (no effect on game-play)
C Alchemists Excellent $5 Played Once, minor shelfware
C Alhambra Good $0 Box has sun damage, contents excellent
C Arcadia Quest Inferno KS Collection Excellent, Content ranges from Excellent to Like New condition. Riders, Lotta Lava, and all Dragons are like new, never played. $350 Collection Includes: -Base Game -Inferno KS Pledge (Inferno Base + Hell of a Box + Whole Lotta Lava) -Pets Expansion with KS exclusive Pet Cerby -Dragon Expansions (Chaos + Fire + Frost + Poison + KS Exclsv Heroes - Nina, Hilda & Hoshi) -Riders Expansion with Stonebeak & Phantom -Base game Guild Tokens -Base game Guild Dice x2 extra sets of each of the 4 base colours (only 2 of the Inferno colours from KS pledge) -Game Saving Guild Bags x8 (KS Exclusive) -Full compliment of plastic resources (coins + skulls + hearts + damnation) with extra hearts and skulls. -Extra Heroes bought at retail - Nibbles + Zahra + McHammer + Kurak & Yona -Healing Fountain Promo Tile & Tokens - Total basic dice: attack 13, defense 24 Very Good to Like New condition throughout. Base game - very good, played 10-13 times. Inferno & Pets - excellent, played 3 or 4 times. Dragons, Mounts, WholeLL & Angels - Like New, never played. I managed to store all content into the Base, Inferno, & Pets boxes, other boxes are available if desired by winning bidder. I also found that the Hell of a Box bottom fits inside the base and include it there for added structure.
C Automobile Excellent $5 Comes with awesome car shaped wooden bits! A Martin Wallace classic! Keep your game collection Heavy and your wallet light - fork over your money!
C Big Book of Madness Excellent $0 With promo grimoire cards
C BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia Excellent $1 N/A
C Bolide Good $1 BGG 20865
C Briefcase Good, Excellent $5 Artipia Games 2012
C Bruges Excellent, Out of Print $20 A classic Stefan Feld OUT OF PRINT game! Fork over your money!
C But Wait There’s More! New in Shrink $0 -
C Die Macher Excellent $5 Minor Shelfware, played once.
C Dixit Excellent $10 Complete. 3-6 players.
C Dragonfire - Moonshae Storms Expansion New in Shrink $0 Expansion only, does not include base game.
C East Front (with Volga Front) Good $1 BGG 24626
C Elder Sign New in Shrink $20 1-8 players
C Eminent Domain New in Shrink $5 Still in shrink wrap
C Escape: The Curse of the Temple – Big Box Good $0 N/A
C Fire In the Lake Excellent, Unpunched $20 GMT COIN series - arguably the best game in the series!
C First Martians Excellent $5 Pre-order edition with inked minis
C Food Chain Magnate Excellent, Unpunched $50 A Splotter classic. This is a once in a lifetime auction item - fork over your money!!
C Fresco (+ 3 expansions) Minor box wear but overall good condition $0 Great game not too slow or heavy, recommend playing with extra color expansion.
C Furstenfeld Good $1 BGG 84469
C Ghostbusters: The Board Game Good $0 -
C Glenn Drover's Empires: Age of Discovery Excellent, Unpunched $20 Over 500 plastic minis and coins!! Ooohhh...shiny!
C Guilds of London Excellent $1 Includes "New Guilds – Cheese- and Papermakers" expansion.
C Gunslinger Excellent $0 Classic Avalon Hill game. Very hard to find
C Here, Kitty, Kitty: A Crazy Cat Collecting Game New in Shrink $5 Complete, unopened
C Heroes of Normandie plus expansions Fair $50 Includes German and US Army boxes plus 6 mini expansions in the main box
C HeroQuest Very Good, Expansion has some pieces missing $5 -
C Imperial Assault Excellent, Unpunched $0 -
C Kaosball Good $1 BGG 139992
C Kill Doctor Lucky Excellent $5 -
C Kingdoms Good, Minor box wear but overall good condition $0 Classic Reiner design, highly recommend the no luck variant.
C Kittens in a Blender New in Shrink $5 Complete. Unopened
C La Granja Excellent $0 -
C La Isla Excellent $0 -
C Lords of Hellas Like New, opened but unplayed, except the base game, played 3-4 times. $350 Titan ALL-IN with Sundrop paint, Kickstarter Pledge with early bird Leonidas Hero.
C Lords of Waterdeep with Scoundrels of Skullport expansion Excellent $30 Complete. Includes the expansion Scoundrels of Skullport
C Machi Koro Unpunched $10 Complete. Never played.
C Millennium Blades Good $1 BGG 151347
C Myrmes Excellent $0 Includes Colony Tiles Expansion
C Notre Dame Excellent $0 -
C Onward to Venus Excellent, Kickstarter Deluxe Edition $0 Includes upgraded wooden components.
C Ora and Labora Excellent $10 good condition
C Orleans Deluxe Excellent, Never Played $50 A highly sought after deluxe version of bag building goodness. Fork over your money!
C Pandemic Excellent $0 Original basic game
C Pandemic The Cure Excellent $0 -
C Phase Good $1 BGG 69703
C Pirate Dice Excellent, New in Shrink, Kickstarter Deluxe Version $0 Includes Rough Waters and Fifth Player expansions.
C Posthuman Excellent $5 Bagged, never played
C Pret-A-Porter (second edition) Excellent, Never Played $5 It's not fashionable to not have this game in your collection. Warning - you may witness a gasoline fight between male models while playing this game.
C Pyramid Poker Excellent $5 played once
C Rise of the Zombies: The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game Good $5 DVG Games 2013
C Russian Railroads Collection w German Railroads Like New, never played condition. $250 Includes German RR, American RR, and Mini Promo expansions. Only missing the Juri D3 promo, otherwise complete.
C Santorini Good $0 Great game, fits in everyone's collection.
C Scrabble Deluxe Good $1 BGG 320
C Shadowlord and San Juan Fair $0 a vintage game in fair condition
C Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Good $0 Played through once. Some box wear but all contents in great shape.
C Sherriff of Nottingham Excellent $0 Hilarious lying game
C Sonar Family Good $0 -
C Space Cadets: Away Missions Excellent $5 Kickstarter Edition with exclusive missions book
C Spike New in Shrink $0 N/A
C Star Wars LCG: Edge of Darkness New in Shrink $6 mint
C Tajemnicze Domostwo (Mysterium) Excellent $0 Includes English Rules and Mysterium Small Card Expansion. Great unique artwork.
C Tapestry New in Shrink $5 -
C Tapestry Excellent $5 Played at FallCon 32 Hosted Event Only
C Tournay Good $1 Box is showing some wear but the components are in excellent condition
C Traders of Genoa Fair $0 reasonable condition. played some
C Tragedy Looper Good $1 BGG 148319
C Trajan Excellent $0 -
C Tribune (with expansion) Very Good $1 Expansion box not included; no insert.
C Tsuro Excellent $10 -
C Tsuro Excellent $5 Complete. 2-8 players. Good, quick one to kick off game nights
C Twilight Struggle Excellent $0 Everyone should own this game... end of sentence.
C Tzolk'in, The Mayan Calendar Unpunched $10 Complete. Unpunched. Unopened bags
C Victory in Europe Excellent $0 Columbia Block-game on WWII
C Village Crone Excellent $5 Never played
C Villagers & Villains Excellent $5 Complete
C War and Peace Good $0 Classic Avalon Hill game. Very hard to find
C Warhammer discwars Excellent $0 good condition
C When Darkness Comes Excellent, Unpunched, Some Punched $0 Includes The Nameless Mist Expansion. Has Pewter Minis and lots of tiles that can be used with RPGs
C Wildcatters Excellent $5 Original Vendetta copy. Never played.