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Thanks to all FallCon 28 attendees and volunteers

by the FallCon 28 Champions and Directors



As most, if not all of you know, this was my first year as a director. And I have to say, I was quite nervous about how everything would work out.

What started out as a ‘couple of minor changes’ snowballed into a incredible undertaking! The best part was that we exceeded all of my expectations! the whole weekend was a ‘watch the ticker’ moment – and every time it was better and better.

We changed the schedule, The auction, the layout, the library labels, added more panels and game shows, and everything executed mostly as planned!

This is because of the great team that worked very well together, considering most of you had not been involved at this level before, which makes this even more sensational.It was great to see how everyone pulled together, the setup, running and teardown of the library went super-smooth, and the volunteer appreciation dinner was a great time.

I have been racking my brain for ‘the moment’ – That thing that will stick with me throughout the year, but there were so many, that they all blur together. I spent most of my weekend just ‘checking in’ with both the attendees and the team. I tried to take the time to talk to everyone, and I know I didn’t get to everyone, but I think it was worth it.

I did find time to play one game (Jamaica), and taught a couple of games.


Thanks team! Thanks to everyone for all your hard work & smiles at the convention. Together we greeted 661 people to a great weekend of gaming (100 more than last years 555 total). I was impressed with your mastery of our different registration categories & sticker colours, your answers to all kinds of questions & thinking on your feet as needed, and your positive attitude! Thanks for your all contributions to FallCon 28.

Michael Cox

FallCon 365 was my focus throughout the year but it would not have been possible without the dedication of our event hosts and ambassador team. Greg, Brendan, Ben, Derek, Alison, Scott, Aaron, Cory, Earlene, Glenda, Gord, Brad, & Natalie‚Äč all worked hard to make FallCon 365 happen, as well as the rest of the ambassador team. This to me was the driving force that brought our numbers for FallCon 28 up to 661 attendees. As I said to Angela on the weekend, If you build it they will come. We built it throughout the year and they showed up!
Everyone I talked to on the weekend had nothing but positive feedback on the event. From the choice of beer being awesome, the quality of the teachers, the quality of the auction items, the amazing Giant King of Tokyo, the number of vendors, the game shows, the panels, the overall attendance numbers, to the amount of prizes. Can we do better? Of course there is always room for improvement. 400, 444, 555, 661…. 800 next year!
Everything is Awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of THIS team!


The technical issues experienced at the registration desk at opening Friday created a nerve-wracking experience personally, but the patience showed by attendees and aplomb showed by the registration desk volunteers brought a tear to this code monkey’s twitchy eyes.When I went into the hall later that evening and saw it packed with people enjoying themselves, I had a combo “whew” and “yay” moment that was quite gratifying.


FallCon 28 was our best FallCon to date and it not possible without our attendees who came out en masse to play games, meet new people, and support our convention in hundreds of different ways.
It is not possible without all of our volunteers and ambassadors who put in countless hours prior, during and after the convention. They make sure the convention runs smoothly and help everyone have an enjoyable convention.
It is also not possible without our alumni team. The people who created this convention, laid the foundations that make this convention so great and unique, and helped mold it into what it is today. They deserve our heartfelt thanks.
Last, but definitely not least, Darren Bezzant, who sacrificed a lot of time and energy to organize and coordinate everything for this convention. He led by example, delegated and worked with the ambassadors and volunteers on the many facets of the convention. He sent almost 6000 emails since FallCon 27 to create what we all experienced last weekend. From your entire team and all the attendees, thank you!
Have a wonderful year and see you at FallCon 29.