For the Love of Games Challenge #2: Workplace Game Display

FallCon Gaming Society - Sunday, September 21, 2014

Challenge #2, you say? What was #1?

In case you missed it, we posted a challenge on Facebook on Friday linked to the recent creation of our 2014 poster. Challenge #1 consists of printing the poster, displaying it in a creative way or location, taking a picture and then sharing it back with FallCon via twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #FallCon 27. We'll be drawing a random winner from all participants in the first Challenge on Wednesday October 1. That winner will receive a free weekend pass to FallCon (2014 pass if no pass is purchased yet, 2015 if you've already registered).

But this is all yesterday's news! I'm sure you're already on top of it. Let's get to Challenge #2!

Challenge #2 kicks it up a notch by asking you for a little PDA (also known as public displays of affection). Don't worry, we're not asking for anything mushy romantic here. We just want you to show your love of games at work, by bringing in a couple of your favorites and displaying them prominently on your desk or shelving unit. We'd recommend perhaps something short that you could play at a lunch break or some of the more popular games that get played at FallCon, but really any game will do. The goal is to start a conversation about the games YOU love. We're hoping this catalyzes discussion with your co-workers along the lines of...

Games at the Office

"Hey! You play Blokus too! I had no idea - I LOVE that game!!!"

At which point, you can tell them all about your love of games and invite them to join you at FallCon!

We want to see your office board game display and hear how this works out for you. So similar to Challenge #1, share your pictures and stories with us on twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #FallCon27. As with the poster challenge, we'll award a free pass to 1 random person willing to do a little PDA for games and FallCon. Don't forget, you've got a poster you can now handout once the conversation starts.

Goodluck! The next mission possible comes next Sunday!


Vendor Pre-Orders Opportunity

FallCon Gaming Society - Saturday, September 20, 2014
Our convention retailer vendors, and Starlit Citadel have offered to provide a free pick-up option at FallCon on online orders through Friday September 26. If you were intending on buying new games at the convention this year, this is a great opportunity to make sure you get what you're shopping for, particularly those short stocked hot, and recently released games. It also gives our vendors a little bit of advanced noticed in terms of what our attendees are more interested in purchasing, allowing them to make adjustments to convention stock. 

Here are the details from John at

Orders over $50 before tax can be delivered to Fallcon, if the order is done online. The website will charge you shipping, but as long as the customers add "C/O FALLCON CALGARY BOOTH", we will revise the order and remove shipping charges prior to collection of payment. Orders for pick up will be available Saturday. 

Here are the details from Kaja at Starlit Citadel (AND Fortress Geek):

Orders can be placed directly through our websites with "Local Pickup" (on Starlit Citadel) or "Warehouse Pickup" (on Fortress Geek) selected as the shipping method, and customers just need to leave a note in the order comment box indicating that they will pick up their order at FallCon.

One last reminder that the deadline for orders will be September 26th (next Friday), so that our vendors can prepare their shipment and get everything sent to Calgary on time. 

Have fun shopping!

Getting to Know the FallCon Core: Nathalie Griffiths-Babineau

FallCon Gaming Society - Thursday, September 18, 2014
It's about to happen.
Since Nathalie has been gradually introducing our readers to the FallCon Volunteer Core, it's time to turn the tables on her!

Who are you? What's your story?

People know me as Babs – it’s a nickname derived from my maiden name (Babineau). I’m originally from Moncton, NB and moved to Calgary for work in the fall of 2006. I am married to Billy and we have a dog named Buster who is a gentle giant.

How did you get started with tabletop gaming?

After moving to Calgary, I needed to find a way to meet people and make new friends.  I found the Calgary Tabletop Games Meetup group in January 2007 and attended my first “board game” meetup – where I expect to be playing Scattergories, Taboo, or Scrabble. Was I ever in for a surprise! At my first event, I played Ys (with Jasen, I think?). I was hooked and the rest, as they say, is history!

How did you become involved with FallCon?

I signed up to volunteer at FallCon in 2008. I arrived and was put to ‘work’ in the library – checking games out of the library with the new “Marion” (our library check out system). I later took on the role of casual photographer. And later on took on a bit more responsibility with the social media side of things.

What's your role with FallCon now?

I’m the social media/marketing person - I’m one of the tweeters behind the @FallConYYC twitter account. I’m also one of the main contacts for sponsorship. I’m and event photographer and in addition to this, I am one of the game ambassadors that teaches games at FallCon as well as during the year at various meetup events (including my own monthly girls night Meetup).

What other hobbies keep you occupied when you're not gaming?

I seem to be a collector of hobbies: I’m a runner, a geocacher, a photographer, a hiker, a road-tripper.  I’m happiest when I’m “on the go” as opposed to sitting at home in front of a computer screen (although I spend a lot of time there as well).

Which games your favourite to use to introduce non-gamer friends/family?

I really enjoy using Qwirkle and Ticket to Ride to introduce friends to “non-traditional” gaming.  Qwirkle uses a simple concept of matching symbols (like Dominoes) and expanding on existing “information” (like Scrabble). Ticket to Ride has concepts similar to many card games (set collection like in Gin Rummy)

In a way, both Qwirkle and Ticket to Ride provide familiarity in game play because they use similar concepts to their classic counterparts that most “non-gamers” are familiar with. This makes them both fun and easy to learn. They also have zero chance of overwhelming new players (compared to say Agricola).

Where (and with whom) do generally do most of your gaming?

I have been hosting a monthly girls game night at my house since the fall of 2012 with an average turnout of about 5-6 players – with as many as 12! I try to attend a few of the other Calgary Tabletop Gaming Meetup Group events. I also game with my husband and our good friend Jennifer.

Have you ever played Monopoly with the actual rules? Did you like it?

No, I have never played Monopoly with the actual auction rules – but I remember refusing to play the game with my cousins because they put money in the middle for Free Parking – and I was adamant that wasn’t part of the rules.

What's a game rule that you had wrong for the longest time?

In Agricola, we believed that every pair of the same animal produced a baby.  Our farms were very well populated and food supply rarely scarce.

Thanks Nathalie!

Getting to Know the FallCon Core: Tim O'Connor

FallCon Gaming Society - Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Nathalie "Babs" Babineau, our newest FallCon Core Organizer recruit, thought it would be a great idea to do a little expose on the team and allow you to get know us better. We'll be sharing one of Nathalie's interviews every few days from now until the faithful FallCon weekend. 

Today, we're focussing on our Ambassador Lead and Treasurer: Tim O'Connor.

Who are you? What's your story? 
I'm just a regular guy who puts a high priority on friends and family, and has a passion for games. I am a huge believer in FallCon's core purpose that People + Games = Better Families, Communities and Relationships.

How did you get started with tabletop gaming?
We always had games in the house when I was growing up (a very long time ago) - Sorry, Payday, Rebound.  It kinda evolved from there to some role playing in high school and then on to strategy, euro games and even some lighter wargames.

What's your role with FallCon? 
I am one of the directors of the society, act as the society treasurer and I spearhead our Ambassador program.

How did you become involved with FallCon? 
Through a business relationship with Steve Zanini. One day we got talking about hobbies, and the rest is history.

What kind of games do you tend to gravitate towards?
For me it's about elegance and a theme.  I love elegant games which are efficient and not too convoluted in the way to win or score points. I like simple (few choices) but hard decision making. In terms of theme, I like games that have some kind of theme that makes some sense and is not just pasted on. I'm drawn to many Martin Wallace games for this reason.

Is there a game rule that you had wrong for the longest time? 
Yes and I'm too embarrassed to talk about it.  Ok, ok, when I first learned Kingdom Builder I played that the special power tiles could only be executed once in the game instead of every turn.  I blame it on the person who taught me the game.

How many different games do you think you've played?
Well I have about 200 in my collection, and I've traded or sold probably that many too.  I'm thinking about 1000 in my lifetime.

What game would you play if you could play with anyone from history dead or alive?
Well the question doesn't say "undead", but I'd like to play Fury of Dracula with Dracula.  I'd play Dracula in the game and he'd be a hunter.  Take that you blood sucking immortal!

Sounds like Tim is willing to take on all vampires. Maybe he'll attract a whole new demographic!

What is FallCon?

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