Rules and Terms

We believe People + Games = Better Communities, Families, and Relationships.

The most important rule of FallCon is to have fun! That said, we do have a few policies that help make the Con a safe and enjoyable space for all gamers.

Guidelines for Good Conduct

The following is the short form of our Anti-Harassment Policy. Please also refer to the full statement.

For clarity and for everyone's comfort, you should always...

  • Be respectful of other people's personal space and physical comfort. This includes ensuring you have their consent to touch or embrace them
  • Be sure you have a person's consent before you photograph or record them
  • Be respectful in all forums and discussions, but particularly those that may relate to issues of discrimination or representation. It is your responsibility to participate in a respectful manner and be considerate of all attendees
  • If you are asked to stop behaving in a way that is interpreted as harassment, you are expected to stop immediately
  • If you witness unacceptable conduct, ask the offender to stop and/or immediately notify one of our Organizers (identifiable by a yellow lanyard or a hat with a colourful feather)

As attendees, you share responsibility for contributing to a great gaming experience for all!

COVID Safety Protocols (as of June 1, 2022)

Proof of Vaccination is not required to attend FallCon35, in alignment with current City and provincial regulations. However, COVID is a contagious disease that continues to circulate in the community, resulting in serious symptoms for some. Attendees are encouraged to wear a snug-fitting mask covering their nose, mouth and chin. Our COVID-19 protocols may be revised without notice in response to government policy or at the discretion of the FallCon Gaming Society.



  • All attendees must have a valid FallCon badge.
  • Before entry to the convention, the name on any unused badge may be updated in Tabletop Events or at the registration desk.
  • Lanyards are colour coded to identify roles, so please continue to use the colour we gave you at registration
  • Admissions are one price for each day or for the weekend, regardless of how many hours or which events are attended.
  • Badges are not transferable once checked-in.
  • Badges for attendees 5 and under are free, but children must be accompanied by an adult. Children must have a badge so we have an accurate head count.
  • Badges should always be visible when seated.

Purchases / Refunds

  • All badges are listed and charged in US dollars; only cash on-site purchases will be in Canadian funds. The specialized convention software we use is not yet able to support billing in Canadian funds.
  • FallCon badges are non-refundable. Your purchase is a commitment to attend. If you are unable to attend, you may request a badge credit towards the next FallCon. Badge credits will be worth 75% of the purchase price. Requests must be in writing and received proper to the end of the Convention by emailing

Convention Photos

The FallCon Gaming Society will have photographers and videographers on location during the convention.

  • Your registration for FallCon constitutes your consent to have your photo and/or video taken during the convention.
  • Any such images are property of the FallCon Gaming Society and may be used for future promotional and/or marketing material at the Society's discretion, without compensation or notification.
  • FallCon Photographers are identifiable by their Convention T-Shirt and white lanyard.

Game Loans

  • Pack games neatly and return games promptly
  • Deliver loose parts and / or report any issues to the librarian
  • Do not remove FallCon games from the Hall
  • Ask before opening or using any game other than your own.

Food and Beverages

  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in the gaming area
  • Please protect the games, notify staff of any spills and dispose of garbage promptly
  • Neither alcohol, cannabin, nor any illicit substance is permitted.


  • No pets are permitted in the Convention.

Security / Lost and Found

  • Any items you bring into the Convention are at your own risk.
  • FallCon is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
  • If you do misplace something or find a stray item, we have a lost and found at the registration desk.

Change the name or email address on your badge

You can update your name and address from your Tabletop.Events account. Click on your email address in the top right hand corner. Select Preferences & Settings and click the confirmation sent to you by email. You will now be able to edit your name or email address.

Transfer a badge to another person

If you have purchased a badge, you can give the badge to someone once you are connected as friends in Tabletop.Events. Log into your Tabletop.Events account. Click your email address in the top right hand corner. Select Friends and search by name or email address. Click Give, then select the badge. They will receive an email notification and must log into Tabletop.Events to accept the badge. They will now be able to sign up for events and access their own schedule.

I bought a badge for someone else. How do they sign up for events?

In order for them to sign up for events independently, you must "give" the badge to them. They require a Tabletop.Events account in order to manage their own badge. Send a friend request to someone else who has created an account with Tabletop.Events. They accept the friend request. The "Give to a Friend" action gives them the badge and the ability to choose their own events.