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Family Game Event – Connaught School

Last Friday afternoon we teamed up with the City of Calgary to host a family game night at the Connaught Community School in downtown Calgary.

What we imagined would be a modest event with about four or five families attending actually managed to explode into a full gymnasium of about eighty to one hundred people! Talk about being pleasantly surprised.  Our game ambassadors rose to the challenge, teaching a game to a family, teaching another, then hopping back and forth to answer questions.  Definitely no time for rule-reading with 4-year-olds ready to play!

This is probably one of the most diverse groups we’ve ever had the opportunity to play with, with kids ranging from 5 playing Bandu, to families discovering cooperative games like Forbidden Desert for the first time, to Darren teaching a crowd of kids how to play Doodle Quest!

We proved that language is no barrier to gaming as many kids were able to teach their parents, some of who could speak very little English, how to play the games they just learned.  Teachers who attended the event were impressed with how the games caught and kept the kids’ attention for the whole two hours. We had three-year-olds playing Tsuro (recommended for ages 8 and up) as competently as the adults, surprising ambassadors and parents alike.

Taut family competitions were popping up all over the place. It was a busy, fun-filled two hours. This was an amazing start to what will hopefully a great new string of events we can partner with the City of Calgary to present.

Many thanks go out to the FallCon ambassadors that were able to come out and make this event so awesome.  Mike & Angela, Michael & Glenda, Scott & Earlene, Brad, Brendan, Darren, Gord, Torben and Paul did an awesome job!

Thanks to all the families who came out to play with us, and parents for playing games with your kids.  It’s what we love to do, and we’re glad you had fun too.

For those new to FallCon, our organization is completely volunteer-run, and ambassadors are volunteers that can teach a variety of games, and have passed an ‘audition’ that lives up to the standards set out by the founders and directors of FallCon.  If you are interested in learning how to teach board games or in becoming an ambassador for FallCon, send us an email from our Contact us page.

See the Game Library for the games we played:

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